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5.1i Install - How do I know if I have the administrative privileges needed to install Xilinx tools in Windows NT or 2000?


The Xilinx tools require users to have administrative privileges to install the software on systems running the Windows NT, 2000 or XP operating systems; how can I verify that I am an administrator on my machine? If I am logged in as a "power user," can I install the software?


Xilinx software must be installed while the user is logged in with administrative privileges on the local machine where the software is to be installed. The installer must make certain registry entries, install device drivers, and perform other file-writing tasks that can only be performed with administrative rights.

A "Group" is associated with each "Local User Name." Default Groups such as "Administrator" and "Power User" exist, and other Groups can be created by administrators. It is sometimes thought that a user who is a member of the "Power User" Group has the same rights as an "Administrator" group member, but this is not the case.

In addition, having the rights needed to perform network administration functions is not necessarily the same as being an "Administrator" on the local machine.

To verify that you have administrative privileges:

For Windows NT

From the Start Menu, select Programs -> Administrative Tools (Common) -> User Manager. This will launch the User Manager program for Windows NT.

In the bottom half of the window, you will see a "Groups" section. Under Groups, double-click on the "Administrators" Group. If the Group Properties dialog window is displayed for the "Administrators" Group, you have administrative privileges.

For Windows 2000

Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Users and Passwords. You will see a window with the User Name, Domain, and Group. Look at the user name under which you are logged in, and see if the "group" of which you are a member is "Administrator."

For further information about installation requirements, please see the Installation and Release Notes in your Xilinx Software Documentation.
AR# 3190
Date 03/07/2012
Status Archive
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