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AR# 31909

10.1.8 PlanAhead -"ERROR:importing trce results: No valid paths found for displaying."


When I try to import a .twr report into PlanAhead, generated by TRCE command line, I obtain the following error:

"ERROR:importing trce results: No valid paths found for displaying."

There are errors in my report. Why is this happening?


This is a known issue with PlanAhead where it gives the errror when importing the summary report (.twr) generated by TRCE command line.

An example for the TRCE command line would be the following:

trce.exe <design_name>.ncd <design_name>.pcf

There are 2 ways to work around the issue:

1. Generate a .twr report using the Timing Analyzer GUI, and then import the results into PlanAhead.

2. Generate a .twr using the TRCE command line using the -e switch:

eg trce -e <limit> <design_name>.ncd <design_name>.pcf

For more information on TRCE command line options, please refer to the Development System Reference Guide at http://toolbox.xilinx.com/docsan/xilinx10/books/manuals.pdf

This issue will be fixed in the 11.1 release of PlanAhead.

AR# 31909
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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