AR# 32013


10.1 ISE - Running Precision though Project Navigator on Spartan-3A DSP design results in "UNKNOWN_FAMILY" error


I receive the following error when I attempt synthesis of a Spartan-3A DSP design with Precision in ISE.

# Error: [15295]: Manufacturer "Xilinx" and family "UNKNOWN_FAMILY" not found.

# Error: [566]: near file <project directory>/precsynth.tcl, line 2:

ERROR: Precision Failed!

And in the ise project directory, ise_settings file shows:

## Technology Settings

setup_design -manufacturer Xilinx -family "UNKNOWN_FAMILY" -part "3sd1800acs484" -speed 5

When a project is created with Precision standalone, this command is shown as:

# COMMAND: setup_design -manufacturer Xilinx -family SPARTAN3ADSP -part 3SD1800ACS484 -speed -4 -package CS484

Does Precision support Spartan-3A DSP with ISE 10.1?


Synthesis of Spartan-3A DSP designs is not supported through Project Navigator / Precision integration in ISE 10.1. At the time, ISE 10.1sp3 was delivered, Precision had not yet added support for this device.

In Precision 2008a.14, support for the Spartan-3A DSP device family was added. Therefore, users with this version will be able to successfully synthesize Spartan-3A DSP designs using Precision standalone.

Precision synthesis of Spartan-3A DSP designs will be supported through Project Navigator in ISE 11.1.
AR# 32013
Date 07/26/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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