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10.1EDK - How do I assign priorities to PLB masters in XPS GUI?


When we have multiple PLBv46 masters connected to the bus, is there a way in Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS) GUI to assign arbitration priority to individual master?


The Processor Local Bus (PLB) v46 has two arbitration schemes:

1. Fixed Priority.C_ARB_TYPE = 0. The bus arbitrates according to the fixed priority of the master. Master priority can be set using the following two solutions.
2. Round Robin.C_ARB_TYPE = 1. The last master to win arbitration and be granted the buswill be the lowest priority available master to be granted the bus in the next arbitration cycle.

Solution 1:

The priority of the masters on a bus depends on the order in which the masters are connected in the Microprocessor Hardware Specification (MHS) file. So, if you put a higher priority master first in the MHS, then the bus will give it higher priority.

Solution 2:

On the master bus interface connection in the MHS, you can specify a property called POSITION = <n> (starting with 1):


For more details, refer to the MHS chapter of the psf_rm.pdf manual.
AR# 32028
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
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