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ML510 Board - The PLB_Err led is on; Is this an issue with the board?


When I download the reference designs or the files from the ML510 site, the PLB_Err LED is always on. Is this a problem?


The PLB_Err LED is not being driven by any signal from any of the reference designs, so this is just an general purpose I/O LED. This is not an issue with the board or with the reference designs; the LED is not being used.

If you want to drive the OPB_Err and/or the PLB_Err led when your ML510 design does not use these leds, you can add this to your MHS and UCF.



PORT opb_led = net_vcc, DIR = O

PORT plb_led = net_vcc, DIR = O



PORT opb_led = net_gnd, DIR = O

PORT plb_led = net_gnd, DIR = O


Net opb_led LOC=AL19;

Net plb_led LOC=AK24;

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