AR# 32097


MIG v2.3, Update Design/Verify Design - "ERROR: The same pin was allocated to more than one signal."


After uploading a "mig.prj" and UCF to the Update Design or Verify Design tools within MIG, numerous errors similar to the following are generated: 


ERROR: The same pin was allocated to more than one signal. Check the following:  
Pin: Signal: ddr2_dm[1] 
Pin: Signal: ddr2_dm[3]


The Update Design and Verify Design features of MIG only support the UCF syntax used in the MIG generated UCF. 

If different syntax is used, errors will be generated. 


For example, MIG uses the following syntax for pin LOC constraints: 

NET "ddr2_dq[0]" LOC = "K24" ;  


The following syntax would cause the Verify/Update Design to fail with the above noted error: 

NET "ddr2_dq[0]" LOC = K24; 


To work around these errors, please ensure that the MIG output UCF syntax is used in the uploaded UCF. 

MIG 3.0 will support more UCF syntax.

AR# 32097
Date 08/15/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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