AR# 32107


10.1.03 iMPACT - Indirect BPI Programing on Lin64 machines might fail with CFI errors


When running Indirect BPI programing from iMAPCT on a Linux 64-bit machine, I receive the following messages:

"INFO:iMPACT:2492 - '5': Completed downloading core to device.

INFO:iMPACT - '5': Checking done pin....done.

'5': Core downloaded successfully.

INFO:iMPACT - Created an MDM Uart Interface INFO:iMPACT - Created an

MDM FSL Interface Populating BPI CFI ..."


The indirect BPI core has been seen to have intermittent problems with Lin64 which is targeted to be fixed in 11.1

In 10.1 and earlier releases of the design tools, use a machine running on Windows or Lin32 as a work-around.

Running VMWare or multi-booting a machine with Windows 64 will also work.

AR# 32107
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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