AR# 32137


AccelDSP Synthesis Tool - When I try to view the AccelDSP Help the contents do not appear and it says "The page cannot be displayed"


AccelDSP is installed to a remote location, when I open the ACCELDSP Help, I can see the tabs on the left side: contents, Index, Search, Favorites, etc. However, when I select any of the items in those tabs, the associated page is not displayed on the right side and instead, the following is dispayed: 


"The page cannot be displayed"


This problem is caused by a Microsoft security patch. The known problem is described in the following Microsoft Support Database:

The only way to fix this probem is to reduce the security protection on the installation (not recommended), or move the ".chm" files to the local machine. The ".chm" files are located in the AccelDSP install directory, under %XILINX%\DSP_Tools\AccelDSP\help\html_help

AR# 32137
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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