AR# 32225


10.1 iMPACT - Critical Patches for Xilinx iMPACT Programming Tools


This Answer Record lists critical patches available for Xilinx iMPACT 10.1 programming tools. Not all patch issues affect all customers or designs. Please be sure to read each patch issue carefully before installing to minimize interoperability issues and to ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

Is is important to note that tactical patches are not tested as thoroughly as service packs, and multiple patches for the same application might conflict.

If you have further inquiries on a patch, you can contact Xilinx Technical Support:


Critical Patches

(Xilinx Answer 32219) - 10.1.03 iMPACT - Indirect SPI programing of the AT45DB642D fails due to a Verify issue

(Xilinx Answer 32223) - 10.1.03 iMPACT - Indirect SPI programing for a Spartan-3E/A device in SVF mode fails

AR# 32225
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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