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AR# 32257

13.x System Generator for DSP - How can I discover if the DSP Tools are installed and configured for use in MATLAB?


When I view the Xinfo System Checker fileset.txt data, it appears that the DSP Tools have been installed. The XILINX/DSP_Tools directory has been created; however, I do not appear to have access to these tools.

How can I discover if the DSP Tools are installed and configured for use in MATLAB?


From the MATLAB command prompt type:

>> xlVersion

This should return the version of System Generator you are currently using. If this command is not found or if the wrong version is returned, the DSP Tools are not installed or configured.

If you have confirmed that the DSP Tools are installed, but do not see the System Generator for DSP blockset in your Simulink Library Browser, you might need to run the MATLAB Configuration Manager by double-clicking the System Generator for DSP icon on the desktop or from the start menu.

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AR# 32257
Date 12/15/2012
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