AR# 32264


11.1 EDK - A Xilinx application has encountered an unexpected error


Keywords: fatal, error, crash, XPS, ASCII, character, set

XPS just reported an unexpected error. What is the cause of the problem?


The following are possible causes:

- If non-ASCII characters are in any of the XPS supporting files (MPD, MDD, etc.).
- If the EDK project was migrated from 9.1 directly to 11.1. You can work around this by going into the __xps directory and deleting the "system.gui" file.
- If you have the EDK tools installed on a network drive, refer to (Xilinx Answer 32253).

This problem has been fixed in EDK 11.2, available at:

AR# 32264
Date 06/11/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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