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11 Licensing - Known Issues for ISE Software Licensing


This Answer Record details the known issues related to the Xilinx implementation of Flex Net licensing for the 11.1 ISE software release and 11.2, 11.3, 11.4 and 11.5 updates. 

For license troubleshooting help, see (Xilinx Answer 32301) general questions about Xilinx Software Licensing:

Xilinx Software Licensing page:


Outstanding Known Issues in 11.5 ISE software

(Xilinx Answer 29439)FLEX licensing fails with extremely large search string (usually more than 100 license files in a directory) 
(Xilinx Answer 30526)FLEXnet fails to find license when the computer default network interface is "eth1" (instead of "eth0") 
(Xilinx Answer 32486)CORE Generator software Help contains outdated information on how to obtain a full IP license 
(Xilinx Answer 32600)Pre 10.1 ISE design tools, PlanAhead software licenses are not valid for 11.1 PlanAhead tool 
(Xilinx Answer 33026)Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) might take a long time to load the available licenses 
(Xilinx Answer 33051)"ERROR: Non-activation-capable daemon activation invoked with non-client-request event type" 
(Xilinx Answer 33351)Erroneous license warnings are issued if an expired license is found before a current license for ISE software 
(Xilinx Answer 33719)XLCM shows only one available seat when a license file contains multiple entries of a feature  
(Xilinx Answer 36650)EDK Hardware Evaluation core licenses expire after June 2010 "Core is Unlicensed" message given

Issues resolved in the 11.2 ISE software update

(Xilinx Answer 32595)CORE Generator software might use Evaluation License (instead of Full License) for IP core 
(Xilinx Answer 32596)Xilinx Licensing Configuration Manager does not show licenses in the $HOMEDIR/.xilinx/corege/coreLicenses directory 
(Xilinx Answer 32598)On the License Generation Web site, the automatically loaded OS information from XLCM is incorrect 

Issues resolved in the 11.3 ISE software update

(Xilinx Answer 33120)Select WebPACK software parts are not properly licensed with webpack.lic 
(Xilinx Answer 33159)"_xlcm.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"  
(Xilinx Answer 33161)EDK issues "A license was not found for the ISE Feature" message, even though WebPACK software license is found
AR# 32295
Date 10/08/2019
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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