AR# 32312


11.1 System Generator for DSP - Auto-generated testbench is unable to find the ".dat" files for ModelSim-based simulation


When I attempt to run the automatically generated testbench in ModelSim, errors are reported regarding the ".dat" files used during simulation.  


Why does this occur?


This can occur if the model you generated the HDL testbench from was in a different directory than your "current directory" in MATLAB when the HDL Netlist and testbench were generated, and a relative path was used (i.e., ./netlist). 


To resolve the problem, open MATLAB to the directory containing the model and regenerate the model without changing to another directory first. Or, change the output directory to a hardcoded path (i.e., C:/my_netlist). 


This issue is resolved in System Generator for DSP 11.2.

AR# 32312
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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