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MIG v3.0 - A ".ise" project is not successfully created after I run the "create_ise.bat" file


MIG generates a "create_ise.bat" file in the output "example_design/par" and "user_design/par" directories. Running this script file generates a ".ise" project file with all the desired XST, NGDBuild, MAP, PAR, and BitGen options set properly. The resultant ".ise" file can then be opened in Project Navigator.

In MIG 3.0, this script does not complete successfully when specific XST and BitGen options are set. Because of this, a ".ise" project is not properly created.


XST and BitGen in ISE Design Suite 11.1 have a few modified options. The "create_ise.bat" script was not properly modified to reflect these option changes. The options in the MIG 3.0 "create_ise.bat" file are from ISE Design Suite 10.1. Because of this, the script does not complete successfully when these options are used.

The specific options that cause this failure are:

  • XST "Custom Compile File List" is no longer an option.
  • BitGen "Release DLL (Output Events)" option has changed to "Wait for DLL Lock (Output Events)".

To work around this issue, changes can be manually made to the "set_ise_prop.txt" file that is located in "example_design/par" and "user_design/par" directories.

If the XST "Custom Compile File List" option exists, this can be safely removed by deleting the following line:

project set "Custom Compile File List" "" -process "Synthesize - XST"

If the BitGen "Release DLL (Output Events)" option is set as follows:

project set "Release DLL (Output Events)" "Default (NoWait)"" -process "Generate Programming File"

Change this to:

project set "Wait for DLL Lock (Output Events)" "Default (NoWait)" -process "Generate Programming File"

The "create_ise.bat" script calls the "set_ise_prop.txt" file to set all options. By modifying this file manually to reflect the appropriate 11.1 options, the ".ise" project fileis properly generated.

NOTE: This issue occurs only when the Custom Compile File List and Release DLL options are used.

This issueis resolved in MIG 3.1.

AR# 32319
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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