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Initiator/Target for PCI v3.167 - Release Notes and Known Issues


This Release Note and Known Issues Answer Record is for the LogiCORE IP Initiator/Target for PCI v3.167 released in ISE Design Suite 11.1, and it contains the following information:

  • General Information
  • New Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • Known Issues

For installation instructions, general CORE Generator software known issues, and design tools requirements, see the IP Release Notes Guide at:


General Information

The LogiCORE IP PCI v3.167 supports only Virtex-4, Spartan-3, and older architectures. For Virtex-5 devices, use the v4.8 PCI Core. For more information on this core, refer to (Xilinx Answer 31568).

For general information regarding timing closure in Virtex-4 devices, see (Xilinx Answer 22921).

New Features

  • ISE 11.1 tool support

Resolved Issues

  • None

Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 47089) -Initiator/Target for PCI v3.167 - Fails with Java error in ISE software versions13.4, 13.3, and 13.2
(Xilinx Answer 32498) - LogiCORE IP Initiator/Target v3.167 for PCI - The v3.167 Core does not show up under default CORE Generator view
(Xilinx Answer 32499) - LogiCORE IP Initiator/Target v4.8 and v3.167 - Simulation Error:$hold( posedge CLK:18310587 ps, posedge I &&& (in_clk_enable1 == 1):18310595 ps, 50 ps );

  • With newer versions of ModelSim, when running the example simulation it might be necessary to add this option to the vsim command:
    vsim -voptargs="+acc" -L unisims_ver -t ps work.TEST_TB glbl

    This argument instructs ModelSim not to optimize internal signals in the simulation model.

Revision History

04/05/2012 - Added Answer Record 47089
06/17/2009 - Added MTI note on vsim command
09/19/2008 - Initial Release

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