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Install - Can I run the ISE installer in a silent (batch) mode?


I would like to install the ISE Design Suite tools without having to launch the GUI. Is this possible?


The following Install process is available for ISE DS versions 12.1 to 14.7 and Vivado 2012.2 to 2013.4.

Running the installer in a mode without use of the GUI is available. After downloading and extracting the Single File Download:

- To generate the batch script, run "batchxsetup(.exe) -samplebatchscript <batch_file_name>" from a command prompt/terminal from the installers <INSTALLER_LOCATION>/bin/[PLATFORM]

-Open <batch_file_name> in a text editor

-Set LOCATION in destination_dir="LOCATION" to the location you wish to install ISE Design Suite; this location cannot have spaces

-Uncomment a block of settings depending on which edition you would like to install.

- See the information below on changeable options.
- From a command prompt/terminal and navigate to <INSTALLER_LOCATION>/bin/[PLATFORM]
- Type ./batchxsetup(.exe) -batch <batch_file_name>

-After agreeing to the End User License Agreement, the installer will proceed in installing the tools you selected.

Changeable options in batch script (do not change any other options in the script file):

destination_dir=C:\Xilinx\12.1 - Set to location to install ISE Design Suite

copy_preferences=Y - Set to 'Y' to copy preferences from ISE Design Suite 11.x, set to 'N' to disable

program_group=Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.1 - Set name of program group name on Windows

application=Acquire or Manage a License Key - Set to 1 to launch Xilinx License Configuration Manager GUI at the end of the installation process

application=Install Cable Drivers - Set to 1 to install Xilinx cable drivers

application=xvcredist 32-bit - Set to 1 to launch Microsoft C++ libraries installation GUI at the end of installation process

application=Install WinPCap for Ethernet Hardware Co-simulation - Set to 1 to install WinPCap for Ethernet Hardware co-simulation

application=Install Windows System Generator Info XML - Set to 1 to launch GUI to set up Xilinx System generator

application=Enable WebTalk to send software, IP and device usage statistics to Xilinx (Always enabled for WebPACK license)::0 - Set to 1 to enable Xilinx WebTalk
AR# 32330
Date 11/27/2014
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