AR# 32365


10.1.03 ChipScope Pro Inserter - ATC2 core fails to be generated when "Endpoint Type" is set to "Differential"


When I add an ATC2 core to a project using the ChipScope Pro Inserter Flow, Translate fails with the following errors if the "Endpoint Type" is set to "Differential": 


<CoreGen>:ERROR:sim - Invalid command: CSET atd58_slew_rate = 

See CoreGen Log <path>\_ngo\cs_atc2_0\coregen.log 

Elapsed time for Core Insertion: 1 minutes 37 seconds. 

ERROR:ChipScope: Unable to generate atc2_0.ngc 

ERROR:ChipScope: Double-click the atc2.cdc icon in the sources window to edit and fix the CDC project. 

ERROR: ChipScope Insertion failed 


How can I work around this issue?


For 10.1, this issue can be solved by installing the patch provided in (Xilinx Answer 31746)

After applying this patch, you will also need to ensure that you assign Pin Loc constraints to the ATC2 pins.

If no pins are specified, you will still see this issue. 


This is a known issue and has been fixed in ChipScope Pro 11.1.

AR# 32365
Date 09/04/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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