AR# 32392


9.1i CORE Generator - Complete path web browser ignores browser preferences


Keywords: browser, netscape, firefox, mozilla, options, custom

When a custom web browser is set in the project preferences you can give it any arguments. For example the default setting is:

"netscape -remove openURL(%1,new-window)"

However, if netscape is not included in the PATH and you click to not use the system default and try to enter a complete path like:

"/tools/netscape/current/netscape -remove openURL(%1,new-window)"

This is not allowed.


It appears that CORE Generator is trying to validate the whole string as the path to a file.

The workaround is to manually edit ~/.qt/xilinxrc file and set this extra argument.

This problem is fixed in ISE 10.1.
AR# 32392
Date 04/16/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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