AR# 32409


11.4 CORE Generator - Selecting the View Resource Utilization option has no effect


When I select the View Resource Utilization option for a core in my project, it has no effect.


This situation occurs if you have an ".xco" file in the project, but for some reason the core netlist does not exist. 


Generate the core again, or copy the core netlist to the directory where the ".xco" file is located. 


For select IP cores such as the Video Scalar which have multiple top level files, CORE Generator interface is not currently able to create Resource Utilization information. In this case, the console window should show a message similar to the following: 


INFO:sim - Unable to gather Resource Utilization information for v_scaler_v2_0_u0.

AR# 32409
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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