AR# 32473


11.1 CORE Generator - Canceling the generation of a recustomized IP might leave non-existent IP in the project IP list


It is common for a user to create a new version of an IP core by recustomizing an existing core; changing the Component Name field and then generating the new core. If a user starts this process and cancels the generation of the core, the new IP core name is listed in the project IP list, but no files for the new core exist in the project directory.

Additionally, the console reports "Finished Regenerating", when it should report "Cancelled Regenerating".


The incorrectly listed IP core is removed from the Project List when the list is updated; this occurs if the project is closed and reopened, or if a new core is generated and imported into the project.

This issue is resolved in the ISE Design Suite 11.2 release.
AR# 32473
Date 02/17/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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