AR# 32486


13.1 CORE Generator - Help contains outdated information on how to obtain a Full IP license


The CORE Generator Help has a reference to IP Licensing at: CORE Generator Help -> Getting Started -> Xilinx IP -> IP Licensing. On this page, there is a link to Full License.The information on the Full License link about obtaining a license is out-of-date.


Starting in 11.1, most LogiCORE IP product license purchases are fulfilled following a new process. In this new process, the person identified in the order as the "Ship To" contact when the IP is ordered receives a purchase confirmation e-mail from Xilinx with instructions on how to login to the Xilinx Product Licensing Site:

On this site, you can generate the full license keys needed to enable full access to your core.

Detailed license key installation instructions can be found at:

AR# 32486
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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