AR# 32487


ISE - Can I use ISE Foundation with an ISE WebPACK License


I have installed the full ISE Foundation package.

However, I only have an ISE WebPACK license.

Can I use the tools as-is or do I need to re-install with just ISE WebPACK?


For ISE Design Suite releases 11 and higher, the ability to use the ISE tools is controlled entirely through a license file. 

The ISE tools will detect this license at startup and automatically allow usage of the appropriate tools.

In the presence of an ISE WebPACK license, you will be able to use the implementation tools exactly the same as you would for an ISE Foundation license, but you will be restricted in which devices you can target.


In ISE Design Suite releases 10.1 and previous, the ability to use the tools was controlled by a registration ID number. 

Switching between ISE Foundation and ISE WebPACK required uninstalling ISE Foundation and re-installing with your ISE WebPACK registration ID number.

AR# 32487
Date 01/14/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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