AR# 32489


11.1 ISE Design Suite Install - WebInstall could not retrieve the necessary install information from the Web


Keywords: Internet, proxy, installation

When I try to install ISE Design Suite using the WebInstaller, I receive an error window that states:

"WebInstall could not retrieve the necessary install information from the Web.
Please contact Xilinx Technical Support for further assistance on this issue."

What do I need to do?


ISE Design Suite WebInstaller needs to connect to the Internet to download required installation files. This message indicates that ISE Design Suite WebInstaller cannot connect to the Internet. This can be due to your Internet connection being down, or due to proxy issues. Please check the proxy information provided previously.

If the proxy information that you supplied ISE Design Suite WebInstaller is incorrect, you will receive this error. To edit the proxy information, cancel the current installation of ISE Design Suite and relaunch the installer by double-clicking on xsetup.exe (Windows) or typing ./xsetup (Linux). Enter the new proxy information to ISE Design Suite Installer.
AR# 32489
Date 04/21/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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