AR# 32495


11.1 ISE Text Editor - On Linux 64, a split screen displays different color coding for the two panes


A newly created split screen does not have the same color-coded keywords as the original single pane text file.


This occurs if the DISPLAY variable is set to <host>:0 instead of <host>:0.0. 


This issue conflicts with another display related issue on Linux RH5. For Bristol applications, like PACE and FPGA Editor on RH5, the DISPLAY setting must be set to :0, instead of :0.0, in order to eliminate a WINDU display error. 


A possible work-around is to use the Tcl console to set the variable, depending on what application will be used. 

For example, type "set env(DISPLAY) ":0.0"" to use ISE Text Editor and use split screens with same color-coded keywords.  

To use PACE or FPGA Editor, type "set env(DISPLAY) ".0"".

AR# 32495
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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