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11.1 PlanAhead - Known Issues


This Answer Record contains Known Issues for PlanAhead 11.1.


(Xilinx Answer 32481) 11.1 PlanAhead - Does PlanAhead support the IODELAY_GROUP constraint?

(Xilinx Answer 32371) 11.1 PlanAhead - Ports buried in top-level netlist not picked up in PlanAhead

(Xilinx Answer 32466) 11.1 PlanAhead - How do I assign a port to a non-ideal pin?

(Xilinx Answer 32468) 11.1 PlanAhead - "ERROR: [HD-DB 2]Part: xc4vlx100ff1148-10 has no WASSO data for IOStd LVDS_25"

(Xilinx Answer 32476) 11.1 PlanAhead - Creating Basic Group constraint only allows one instance to be specified

(Xilinx Answer 32482) 11.1 PlanAhead - Does PlanAhead DRC report single-ended clocks on the N side of a differential pair?

(Xilinx Answer 32479) 11.1 PlanAhead - Spartan-3E is GCLK placement is unnecessarily inflexible

(Xilinx Answer 32472) 11.1 PlanAhead - Importing a UCF with pblocks leads to duplicate pblocks

(Xilinx Answer 32463) 11.1 PlanAhead - Does PlanAhead have to run XDL everytime I run implementation?

(Xilinx Answer 32471) 11.1 PlanAhead - False IDLYCTRL0 Error on Virtex-5 floorplans

(Xilinx Answer 32474) 11.1 PlanAhead - When BitGen fails, my Implementation run is marked out of date

(Xilinx Answer 32462) 11.1 PlanAhead - Removed Sources remain in PlanAhead project

(Xilinx Answer 32399) 11.1 PlanAhead - Are non-English characters supported in PlanAhead project names?

(Xilinx Answer 32374) 11.1 PlanAhead - How do I view the shape of RPMs within PlanAhead?

(Xilinx Answer 32464) 11.1 PlanAhead - When I create a new timing constraint, the NET PERIOD is chosen in the Wizard

(Xilinx Answer 32369) 11.1 PlanAhead - "File not found: <install_dir>/doc/PlanAhead_With_Project_Navigator.pdf"

AR# 32525
Date 12/15/2012
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