AR# 32542


11.1 ISE - In Project Navigator, after switching from XST to Synplify for synthesis, the XST results are still used for implementation


I Implement a design in Project Navigator with XST as the synthesis tool. Then, I change the synthesis tool to Synplify to compare results. When I run the design through, Synplify synthesis completes successfully, but when Project Navigator starts the translate process, NGDBuild uses the ".ngc" file previously generated by XST (rather than the ".edf" file from Synplify).


This issue will be fixed in the ISE 11.2 release.

To compare the results in ISE 11.1, the ".ngc" file from XST needs to be temporarily re-named or moved before implementing with Synplify synthesis.
AR# 32542
Date 02/25/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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