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11.x ISE - Known Issues for Project Navigator 11.x


This Answer Record lists the Known Issues for Project Navigator in the ISE Design Suite 11.1 release, ISE 11.2, and 11.3 software updates.

Each known issue includes a link to another Answer Record that contains additional information on the issue.


Outstanding Known Issues in ISE Design Suite 11.4

(Xilinx Answer 12069) - Drag-and-drop of language templates does not work in Project Navigator on a UNIX platform

(Xilinx Answer 12081) - Synplify flows do not support schematic sources

(Xilinx Answer 17498) - Project Navigator CPLD Fitter reports require Mozilla directory to point to the JRE on Linux platform

(Xilinx Answer 21913) - Project Navigator does not include entity in project hierarchy if the entity name contains a dash

(Xilinx Answer 23513) - Project Navigator Custom Text Editor selection is not used to for File -> Open

(Xilinx Answer 23522) - Editing an 'include file does not reset source hierarchy or process status

(Xilinx Answer 24465) - Project Navigator does not display hierarchy correctly for large HDL files

(Xilinx Answer 30598) - Project Navigator might not update status correctly after a process has been forced "Up to Date"

(Xilinx Answer 30638) - Adding HDL source to project incorrectly marks process status as out-of-date

(Xilinx Answer 30665) - Applying the Balanced/Xilinx Default Design Strategy resets all properties including Macro Search Path and Verilog Include Directory

(Xilinx Answer 32012) - Project Navigator does not honor "translate_off" and "translate_on" when building design hierarchy

(Xilinx Answer 32532) - Synplify or Precision synthesis may fail if running from Xilinx Tcl shell

(Xilinx Answer 32540) - Project Navigator 11.1 fails to open an ISE Design Suite 10.1 project on Linux RH3

(Xilinx Answer 32547) - Project Navigator reports SmartXplorer Strategies in a different order than HTML report

(Xilinx Answer 33512) - Saving Find in Files output on Linux results in Unsupported Format message

(Xilinx Answer 33518) - Design drop down lists close automatically when run remotely using ssh -X on RH5 Lin64

(Xilinx Answer 33908) - Project Navigator gives a segmentation fault at startup on Linux system using a CUPS print server

Issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 11.2 update

(Xilinx Answer 30657) - Back-Annotate Pin Locations requires user to set the property "Target UCF File Name" property

(Xilinx Answer 31575) - Corrupt registry setting can cause Project Navigator to crash when clicking on the Language Templates icon

(Xilinx Answer 31739) - 64-Bit ISE fails to open on Windows Vista 64-bit with certain Hewlett-Packard printers (print drivers)

(Xilinx Answer 32536) - Running Precision "Launch Tools" processes fails with spaces in Precision install directory

(Xilinx Answer 32527) - Asian characters are incorrectly allowed when creating new Project Navigator projects

(Xilinx Answer 32537) - On Linux 64, Project Navigator exits after generation when running Manage Cores

(Xilinx Answer 32542) - In Project Navigator, after switching from XST to Synplify for synthesis, the XST results are still used

(Xilinx Answer 32546) - Project Navigator can delete SmartXplorer results that are being viewed and gives cryptic error

(Xilinx Answer 32361) - Project Navigator has a conflict with some Xerox Phaser 7400 Printer drivers

(Xilinx Answer 32786) - Project Navigator uses excess memory on schematic design files - "ERROR:Portability:3 - This Xilinx application has run out of memory..."

(Xilinx Answer 33027) - Opening FPGA Editor, Project Navigator may incorrectly state that the design xxx.ncd is not up to date.

(Xilinx Answer 33032) - Opening an ISE Design Suite 11.2 project in Project Navigator 11.1 might delete the project if the project device family is not available and the user opts not to finish loading the project.

(Xilinx Answer 33500) - Setting the MAP starting Cost Table property causes an PAR warning regarding the -t switch

(Xilinx Answer 33507) - View Synthesis Report fails if Synplify synthesis fails

Issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 11.3 update

(Xilinx Answer 32538) - Project Navigator does not consider applied Design Strategy when migrating an ISE Design Suite 10 project

(Xilinx Answer 32800) - Project Navigator crashes when creating a new source or project on specific systems

(Xilinx Answer 33029) - When using remote working directory, macro search directory paths are set to wrong directory

(Xilinx Answer 33508) - Project Navigator only allows IP cores with exact Device match to be added to a project

(Xilinx Answer 33510) - XST does not read IP Core netlists in ipcores_dir directory

(Xilinx Answer 33511) - "ERROR: no Simulation Engine found in the Transform Input that matches testbench_isim_beh.exe"

(Xilinx Answer 33514) - I/O Pin Planning (PlanAhead) - Pre-Synthesis option is incorrectly available for EDIF/NGC-based projects

(Xilinx Answer 33516) - "ERROR: launching PlanAhead failed: can't execute "C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe": after Copy Project

Issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 11.4 update

(Xilinx Answer 33628) - A project's Working Directory might be incorrect if the project is copied or moved to a new location

(Xilinx Answer 33667) - A project that is Copied or Archived retains File properties from the original project location

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