AR# 32596


11.1 Licensing - XLCM is not showing licenses in $HOMEDRIVE\coregen\CoreLicenses


The Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) is supposed to list all of the licenses that are available for Xilinx software tools. However, I have IP licenses from previous releases that do not show up in XLCM.

Will the CORE Generator tool and ISE design tools find IP core licenses in my %HOMEDRIVE%\coregen\CoreLicenses directory (e.g., C:\.xilinx\coregen\CoreLicenses)?


The 11.1 CORE Generator tool and Xlicmgr (used for Xilinx license checking) still find the licenses correctly in the %HOMEDRIVE%\coregen\CoreLicenses directory.

You can successfully generate a core, as well as implement and program a device, with a design using a core whose license resides in the %HOMEDRIVE%\coregen\CoreLicenses directory.

To check the status of the IP core license, use "xlicmgr status -c <feature name>".

This issue is resolved in the ISE 11.2 design tools.

AR# 32596
Date 12/06/2013
Status Archive
Type General Article
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