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AR# 32628

SPI-4.2 v9.1 - "ERROR:PhysDesignRules:1613 - IDELAYCTRL not found for clock region..."


Keywords: CORE Generator, PL4, packet, SONET, oif, open, physical, link, layer, source, synchronous, phase, alignment, sink, dynamic, static, dpa, spi4.2, spi4-2, Virtex-5

For some Sink core configurations (Global Clocking with IDELAY inserted on RDClk), the following errors might occur in Map:

"ERROR:PhysDesignRules:1613 - IDELAYCTRL not found for clock region CLOCKREGION_X1Y3. The IODELAY block core_pl4_snk_top0/U0/io0/dpa2/dpa_top0/DATAPAIR12/SLAVE_DELAY has an IDELAY_TYPE attribute of either FIXED or VARIABLE. This programming requires that there be an IDELAYCTRL block programmed within the same clock region"


This is a known issue with Map and the IODELAY_GROUP contraint.

To work around this problem, do the following:

1. Comment out the following constraints in the UCF file:

## INST "sict1" IODELAY_GROUP = sink_idelay ;
## INST "<sink_core_instant_name>/U0/io0/dpa2/dpa_top0/DATAPAIR*/MASTER_DELAY" IODELAY_GROUP = sink_idelay ;
## INST "<sink_core_instant_name>/U0/io0/dpa2/dpa_top0/DATAPAIR*/SLAVE_DELAY" IODELAY_GROUP = sink_idelay ;
## INST "<sink_core_instant_name>/U0/io0/dpa2/dpa_top0/CTLPAIR*/SLAVE_DELAY" IODELAY_GROUP = sink_idelay ;
## INST "<sink_core_instant_name>/U0/io0/dpa2/dpa_top0/CTLPAIR*/MASTER_DELAY" IODELAY_GROUP = sink_idelay ;

2. Add the LOC constraint for the IDELAYCTRL to place it in the same bank as RDat, RCtl, and RDClk.

For example:
INST "RCtl*" LOC = "Bank12";
INST "RDat*" LOC = "Bank12";
INST "RDClk*" LOC = "Bank12";
INST "sict1" LOC = IDELAYCTRL_X2Y3 ; ## IDELAYCTRL LOC constraint

You can follow the same IDELAYCTRL instantiation and placement that is detailed in "Instantiating IDELAYCTRL for Virtex-4" section, on page 167 of the SPI-4.2 Core v9.2 User Guide.

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AR# 32628
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