AR# 32630


11.1 Constraints - When I use the * wildcard, several of my PINs are missing from my TIMEGRP


I created a constraint similar to the following and I am receiving errors:

PIN "and*" TPSYNC = "and_star_tpsync"

My error(s) look similar to the following:

"ERROR:ConstraintSystem:58 - Constraint <PIN "and*" TPSYNC = "and_star_tpsync">

[bufpll_div1.ucf(23)]: PIN "and*" does not match any design objects."


The * and ? will work for part of a component name, or for part of a PIN name, but not for both at the same time.

Generally, a PIN is referred to with the following syntax:


In the above example, 'and*' would not be able to find any PINs. To work around this issue, use 'and*.*'. This change allows the Constraints System to search both component names and PIN names.

Following is the required modifications performed on the above example:

PIN "and*.*" TPSYNC = "and_star_tpsync"

This issue is scheduled to be fixed in the next major release of software.

AR# 32630
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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