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ISE Design Suite 11 - ISE 11.x Updates README (11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 11.5)


This README Answer Record contains installation instructions and a list of the issues that are fixed in the ISE 11 software updates.
Installation Instructions
Before installing 11.x update, make sure you have installed ISE Design Suite 11.1.

You can install 11.x updates on top of 11.1 directly or on an existing previous update of ISE Design Suite 11.

1. Download "Xilinx_11.<x>_ISE_DS_<platform>.tar" from:
2. Untar the archive. For more information about tar files, see (Xilinx Answer 32818)
3. Open the untarred archive and run "xsetup(.exe)".

4. Select the root location of ISE Design Suite as your destination directory (for example, C:\Xilinx\11 or /opt/Xilinx/11).
NOTE: XilinxUpdate can be run from your ISE Design Suite, and can also be used to download and install updates.

Please see the Help System for more information on running XilinxUpdate.

For more information on what other products are included in this update, see (Xilinx Answer 33216).



Other ISE Design Suite READMEs

(Xilinx Answer 33240) DSP Tools 11.x Update README
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(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32452) 11.1 iMPACT - MCS files targeting SPI PROMs are not generated properly when the source ".bit" file has Start-Up Clock set to JTAG
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32868) MIG v3.1, Virtex-6 FPGA: Enabling KEEP_HIERARCHY option in synthesis causes ERROR:PhysDesignRules:368 during BitGen
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33005) 11.2 Spartan-6 Route - ERROR:Bitgen:306 - Illegal routing for signal xxx
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33019) Spartan-6 Clocking - DCM_CLKGEN Spread Spectrum Clock Generation feature support
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33191) 11.2 BitGen - "ERROR:Bitgen:302 - Illegal value 1 for ExtMasterCclk_divide"
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33343) 11.1 BitGen - "ERROR:Bitgen - Incorrect DCI setting for bank 21. It cannot be used as master."
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33223) 11 EDK - ERROR:PhysDesignRules:1690 - Incomplete PLL_ADV to PCC440 programming.
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33356) Spartan-6 FPGA MCB - X4 memory components are not supported until IDS 11.4 (MIG 3.3)
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33357) Spartan-6 FPGA MCB - Port 3 is not supported in read mode when all 6 ports are configured


(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 29887) 11.1 Constraints Editor - The Global branch does not list clocks associated with BUFR components
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32835) 11.2 Constraints Editor - Period Constraint value is not updated after Validate Constraint
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32836) 11.1 Constraints Editor - Not all the top level clocks of the design are listed
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32837) 11.1 Constraints Editor - Clock port is listed as input pad for OFFSET IN constraints
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32843) 11.1 Constraints Editor - Option of deselecting the reference timespec is not available in the table
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 30972) 10.1 NGDBuild - UCF constraints are not taking precedence over NCF constraints

CORE Generator

(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32340) 11.1 CORE Generator - Why do my Image Pipe Video IP cores fail to update the netlist when the parameters or the license are changed, but the component name remains constant?
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32394) 10.1 CORE Generator - On Windows NT(64 bit), Refresh Cache results in "Unable to clear FLEXlm license cache"
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32400) 10.1 CORE Generator - Running Batch mode, the XCO file is not updated after parameters changed in regeneration
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32406) 11.1 CORE Generator - IP GUI "Answer Records for the Core" link has invalid URL for older IP cores
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32418) 11.1 CORE Generator - Canceling the "Upgrade and Regenerate Project IP" in mid-process causes core inconsistencies
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32467) 11.1 CORE Generator - An invalid XCO parameter causes Command Line "Upgrade and Regenerate" process to fail
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32473) 11.1 CORE Generator - Canceling the generation of a recustomized IP might leave non-existent IP in the project IP list
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32480) 11.1 CORE Generator - Canceling core customization leaves "Actions" inactive
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32484) 11.1 CORE Generator - "This core is [not] supported by your chosen part" message gets duplicated
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32485) 11.1 CORE Generator - Changing project settings in Polling Mode might cause segmentation fault
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32595) 11.1 CORE Generator - Eval license is used instead of Full license for IP core
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32408) 11.1 CORE Generator - Validation Failed: Error: It is not possible to generate this core without a valid license
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32824) 11.1 CORE Generator - Error occurs when I try to generate some IP on Windows Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 32459) 11.3 CORE Generator software - Running "Upgrade and Regenerate" process fails on NT64
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 20780) 11.1 CORE Generator - "ERROR:coreutil:195 - Could not create Java virtual machine - JVM"

FPGA Editor

(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32348) 10.1.03 FPGA Editor, ChipScope, CORE Generator - The ILA tool crashes with a segmentation fault, "FATAL_ERROR:GuiUtilities:WinApp.c:710:$Revision"
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33571) 11.1 Virtex-6 FPGA Editor - The first time I bring up a component in Logic Block Editor, the Attributes and Nets do not appear


(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32443) 11.1 iMPACT - Inconsistencies between Operations Menu and "Right Click" menu
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32446) 11.1 iMPACT - "ERROR:Bitstream:32 - 0xXXXX bytes loaded up from 0xXXXXXX overlaps load at 0xXXXXXX"
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32447) 11.1 iMPACT - One Step SVF/XSVF file generation cannot be used for multiple target devices
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32448) 11.2 iMPACT - One Step SVF does not work on attached devices
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32450) 11.1 iMPACT - 1532 flow with .isc files is not available for Spartan-3AN FPGA
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32454) 11.1 iMPACT - Auto Select PROM Size does not work for SPI PROMs
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32732) 11.2 iMPACT - BPI Down direction has been removed from the GUI
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32781) 11.2 iMPACT - EFUSE programming is disabled on Linux
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 31628) 10.1 iMPACT - When I create an SVF a .isc file to program a CoolRunner-II device, I receive "ERROR:iMPACT - Failed ScanDR: TDO does not match Expected TDO" when I play it
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32451) 11.1 iMPACT - Spartan-3E FPGA indirect SPI programming is disabled for SVF mode
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32606) 11.2 iMPACT - An error occurs when I attempt to generate an XSVF file for targeting a Spartan-3AN device
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32724) 11.2 iMPACT - iMPACT crashes when I attempt to program a compressed non-encrypted bitstream after programming AES E-Fuse Registers
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32779) 11.2 iMPACT - Indirect BPI programming available for Spartan-6 XC6SLX45T and XC6SLX16
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32831) 11.2 iMPACT - iMPACT reports wrong device position number when checksum operation is performed on attached BPI flash
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32852) 11.2 iMPACT - If I leave the Platform Cable USB open for a long period, I see a memory leak
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32853) 11.2 iMPACT - When I use the "Verify" option on a Spartan-6 device, DONE does not go High
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32854) 11.2 iMPACT - In SVF mode, programming of the Quad Enable bit for Spartan-6 is disabled
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32938) 11.2 iMPACT - When using indirect BPI programming on a Virtex-5 device, I see "INFO:iMPACT - Failed to initialize MDM interface"
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33287) 11.2 iMPACT - Some options are not available in Platform Flash programming properties; verify is not available in FPGA programming properties
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33585) 11.3 iMPACT - "Indirect Programming SPI/BPI - '0': Programming terminated. DONE did not go high."
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33623) 11.x iMPACT - "INFO:iMPACT:650 - syntax error at line 10 token"; "EXCEPTION:iMPACT:CifYacc.c:336: - Data mismatch"
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 32827) 11.2 iMPACT - Virtex-6 FPGA Indirect BPI Programming support
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33778) 11.3, 11.4 iMPACT - PROM File Formatter does not accept Spartan-6 Automotive FPGA bit files


(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32596) 11.1 Licensing - XLCM is not showing licenses in $HOMEDRIVE\coregen\CoreLicenses
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32598) 11.1 Licensing - On the License generation Web site, the automatically loaded OS information from XLCM is incorrect
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32649) 11.1 EDK - ERROR:PersonalityModule:7 - Unable to open Xilinx data file for Vendor/Device Module "xc9500xl"
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32659) 11.2 ISE Design Suite Common Utilities - The file does not have write permissions for fileset.txt
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32794) 11.2 XilinxUpdate - The installation shows more than 100% of the files installed

IP Cores

ISE Simulator

(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 21796) 10.1 ISE Simulator (ISim) - Can ISE Simulator read third-party binary files?
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32359) 11.1 ISE Simulator (ISim) - ISim GUI hangs or freezes frequently while performing some simulator tasks
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32360) 11.1 ISE Simulator (ISim) - Issues when using assert / report commands in VHDL
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32357) 11.1 ISE Simulator (ISim) - "FATAL_ERROR:Simulator:Fuse.cpp:217:1.95 - Failed to compile one of the generated C code..."
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33729) ISE Simulator (ISim) - Pressing the Sync Time button makes signals in the Wave window disappear
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33422) ISE Simulator (ISim) - Error "tracing limit is reached. Signal tracing will stop!"
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33727) ISE Simulator (ISim) - HDLCompiler:1044 - "Unknown" Line 0: /data/Xilinx/11.1/ISE/verilog/hdp/lin64/xip/ ..."


(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32518) 11.1 Virtex-5 FPGA MAP Known Issues - OSERDES/IODELAY/OBUFDS using IOSTANDARD DIFF_HSTL_II_DCI not mapped correctly
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32519) 11.1 MAP Known Issues - INFO:Map:91 is unnecessarily alarming
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32520) 11.1 MAP Known Issues - Crash while "Running related packing..."
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32522) 11.1 Virtex-5 FPGA MAP Known Issues - There is a discrepancy in BRAM utilization reporting between the overall map utilization report and the model level utilization report
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32524) 11.1 Virtex-5 FPGA PACK Known Issues - Unroutable carry chain connections
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 31788) 11.x ChipScope Pro - "ERROR:MapLib:990 - Map has detected that you are using ChipScope Pro cores generated prior to version 10.1..."
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33025) 11.2 Spartan-6 Place - ERROR:Place:1136 - This design contains a global buffer instance...
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33211) 11.2 Virtex-4 MAP - Shift Register logic corrupted by Global Optimization algorithm
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33328) 11.2 Partial - FATAL_ERROR:Pack:pkibatranslate.c:4413: - Failed to copy Partition Pin
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33564) LogiCORE Initiator, Target v4.10 for PCI - WARNING:MapLib:708 - BYPASS attribute
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33740) 11.3 Spartan-6/Virtex-6 FPGA MAP - IODELAYs are being auto-inserted for some paths in ISE software version 11.3 where they did not in 11.2.
(SP5) (Xilinx Answer 34693) 11.5 Map - Patch available for LUTRAM trimming issue introduced by ISE 11.5


(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32526) 11.1 Spartan-3A FPGA PLACE Known Issues - Crash during Phase 4.2 of MAP or PAR
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32528) 11.1 Spartan-3A FPGA Place Known Issues - Timing driven mapping fails with ERROR:Place:848
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32530) 11.1 Spartan-3A FPGA Place - Known Issue where Phase 4.2 crashes due to loadless clock buffer
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32531) 11.1 Virtex-5 Place - Known Issue where Clock Placer does not handle placement of BUFR driving BUFG properly
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32533) 11.1 Spartan-3A FPGA Router - Known Issue where Hold Time router is not able to find the solution that the 10.1 router used
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32628) SPI-4.2 v9.1 - "ERROR:PhysDesignRules:1613 - IDELAYCTRL not found for clock region..."
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32761) LogiCORE Ethernet 1000BASE-X PCS/PMA or SGMII v10.2 - Release Notes and Known Issues for ISE 11.2
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32822) 11.2 Virtex-6 MAP - "ERROR:Place:1164 - The clock source component ... "
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32922) SPI-4.2 Lite v5.1 - Virtex-6 design returns "ERROR:Place:418 - Failed to execute IOB Placement" in MAP
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33043) Virtex-6 Embedded Tri-mode Ethernet MAC Wrapper v1.2 - Error Place:1153 - A clock IOB / BUFGCTRL pair not placed at optimal site
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33153) 11.2 Spartan-6 PAR - Incorrect WARNING:ParHelpers:79 message
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 32922) SPI-4.2 Lite v5.1 - Virtex-6 design returns "ERROR:Place:418 - Failed to execute IOB Placement" in MAP
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33362) Virtex-6 FPGA Embedded Tri-mode Ethernet MAC Wrapper v1.3 - "Warning:Par:468 - Your design did not meet timing" seen in some configurations
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33520) 11.3 Spartan-6 Place - ERROR:Place:543 for design that should fit
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33519) 11.3 Spartan-6 FPGA Route - BUFG fails to work or works intermittently
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33517) 11.3 Virtex-6 Place - Crash during placement phase 1.1 when GTX component is LOC'd, but corresponding IBUFDS is not

Project Navigator

(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 15876) 9.2 Schematic Editor - When I use the schematic capture tool, I cannot assign any value other than "0" to the CLKIN_PERIOD attribute for the PLL
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 18510) 9.2i ISE - Adding a second EDIF file to a Project Navigator EDN project succeeds even though it is not allowed
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 24898) 9.1i ISE - The Project Navigator "Find in Files" does not search all files using *.* filter
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32339) 11.1 System Generator for DSP - Why do I receive "ERROR:NgdBuild:604..." in ISE Project Navigator after regenerating my System Generator project?
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32361) 11.1 ISE - Project Navigator fails to launch with Xerox Phaser 7400 Printer Installed
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32494) 11.1 ISE Text Editor - Auto Completion causes FATAL_ERROR:GuiUtilities:Gui_Clip_ApplicationBase.c:316:1.20
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32527) 11.1 ISE - Are Asian characters allowed in the directory path for Project Navigator projects?
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32536) 11.1 ISE - When I attempt to run Precision "Launch Tools" processes, it results in "ERROR: Precision Failed!"
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32537) 11.1 ISE - On Linux 64, Project Navigator exits while running Manage Cores
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32542) 11.1 ISE - In Project Navigator, after switching from XST to Synplify for synthesis, the XST results are still used for implementation
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32546) 11.1 ISE - SmartXplorer run from Project Navigator results in "Error:ProjectMgmt:387 - TOE: ITclInterp::ExecuteCmd gave Tcl result 'error deleting "smartxplorer_results": permission denied'"
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32538) 11.1 ISE - Project Navigator does not consider applied Design Strategy when migrating an ISE 10 project
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32800) 11.1 ISE - Project Navigator crashes with an error when I create a new source or project: "FATAL_ERROR:GuiUtilities:Gui_Clip_ApplicationBase.c:316:1.20"
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33029) 11.2 ISE - When using a remote working directory, macro search directory paths are set to the wrong directory
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33628) 11.3 ISE - Open Project gives, "The working directory for this project does not exist..."
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33752) 11.3 BitGen - The TIMER value setting does not work

Simulation Libraries

(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32865) Spartan-6 Integrated Block Wrapper v1.1 for PCI Express - Clock-to-out delay required on cfg_interrupt_n for simulation
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32916) SPI-4.2 v9.2 - Virtex-6 Verilog timing simulation does not work with SDFMAX
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33017) Spartan-6 Clocking - PLL simulation may be incorrect when using CLKOUT0 feedback
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33491) LogiCORE XAUI v9.1 - Timeout seen in Spartan-6 FPGA Example Design Timing Simulation
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33416) 11.2 NetGen - NetGen assigns incorrect value to SIM_DEVICE attribute causing simulation failure


(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 30503) 11.1 Known Issue, Timing Analyzer - Multiple UCF files do not show up in Timing Analyzer
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 30506) 11.1 Known Issue - Timing Analyzer - Timing Analyzer fails to open Constraint Editor for a design with multiple UCF files
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 30580) 10.1 Timing Analyzer - RISING/FALLING keywords used to create timegroups are not working
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32347) 11.1 Known Issue - Timing - There are inconsistencies with the timing report; incorrectly reports failing paths
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32461) 11.1 Timing Known Issue - There are setup violations, but the paths are not reported
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32599) 11.1 Timing - Operating within specification of FIFO, but receiving component switching limit errors
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32702) 11.1 Timing, Virtex-6 FPGA - TRCE is incorrectly using the FastMax value for OFFSET (slowest path) clock to pad
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32703) 11.1 Constraints System - TIMEGRP PADS is not captured during timing analysis
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32756) 11.1 Timing Analyzer/Trce - Missing worst-case delay through BRAM with DATA_WIDTH: 1
(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32765) 11.1 Timing Analyzer/trce - Missing the analysis from GTP:PHYSTATUS to synchronous element
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 30466) 10.1 Constraint Syntax - Quoted integer/floating point value in a constraint is not supported
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32442) 11.1 Known Issue - Timing Analyzer - Crossprobing from Queue Timegroups does not work
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32456) 11.1 Timing Known Issue - MAXSKEW constraint shows a violation, but the report says it met timing
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32460) 11.1 Timing Known Issue - "FATAL_ERROR:Timing:bastwoffsetpref.c:679: - Clock arrival time not found"
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32469) 11.1 Timing Known Issue - "INTERNAL_ERROR:XdmHelpers:Xdh_TimeWrapper.c:843:1.23"
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32470) 11.1 Known Issue - Timing Analyzer - Does not analyze paths through Virtex-5 Block Ram
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32844) 11.1 Timing Analyzer - "Saving to report" message stays in the console after saving is complete
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33016) Spartan-6 Clocking - DCM de-skew calculations incorrect
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 32954) 11.2 Timing - Derived clock report does not have clock name for Spartan-6 reference design
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 32953) 11.2 Timing Analysis - Not correctly using attribute CLKFX_MD_MAX in the Clock Uncertainty equation
(SP4) (Xilinx Answer 33113) 11.2 Timing Analyzer - Auto generated constraints report incorrect value for clk to pad


(SP2) (Xilinx Answer 32512) 11.1 EDK - XST has encountered a problem and needs to close; problems with the PCI and USB cores on Windows XP
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32967) 11.2, 11.1 EDK, xps_most_nic_v1_01_a - Netlist Simulation fails due to a synthesis issue for Spartan-6
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 32988) FIFO Generator v5.2 - Virtex-6 Built-In FIFOs targeting FIFO36E1 primitives fail to generate
(SP3) (Xilinx Answer 33134) 11.1 XST - "HDL processing failed with errors" when using partitioned designs
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