AR# 3275


CPLD M1.3(patch),M1.4: Pin location assignments for 9500 designs are not seen


Keywords: CPLD, pin, loc, abel, ucf, 9500

Urgency: Standard

General Description: Pin assignments may not seen by the CPLD fitter if:
1)pin assignments are made in the .ucf file.
2)pin assignments are made in abel design.
3)pin assignments are made in a schematic sheet other than the top level



This problem was introduced by one of the M1.3 patches and
carried through to M1.4.

The current work around is to assign pin locations in a
guide(.gyd) file.

For using a guide file see (Xilinx Solution 2719).

For schematic designs, assign pin location on the top level schematic.


A patch is now available on the Xilinx Download area at: - for Solaris - For SunOS - For Hp-UX - For Win'95/NT

These update files also include the changes from previous cpld updates.

All zip files are created using WinZip. To obtain this utility,
access WinZip's web site at


The M1.4 patch does not resolve a known issue where macro I/O
cells are instantiated in the design (IPAD4, IBUF4) and the LOC
constraints are contained in a UCF file.

For this case, splitting the I/O into individual primitives
(IPAD, IBUF) is one alternative. The other is to use the GYD file.
AR# 3275
Date 03/26/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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