AR# 32788


11.2 EDK - "ERROR:EDK:1602 - IPNAME:ppc405_virtex4 INSTANCE:ppc405_0 .. not supported for architecture 'virtex5fx'!"


Keywords: BSB, Base, System, Builder, console

When I am creating a design through Base System Builder (BSB) for the Virtex-4 device, the following error messages appear on the console:

"ERROR:EDK:1602 - IPNAME:ppc405_virtex4 INSTANCE:ppc405_0 -
/proj/psg1/home/akasat/test_l/bsb_ppc_v4_error/system.mhs line 114 - not
supported for architecture 'virtex5fx'!
ERROR:EDK:1602 - IPNAME:mgt_protector INSTANCE:MGT_wrapper -
/proj/psg1/home/akasat/test_l/bsb_ppc_v4_error/system.mhs line 350 - not
supported for architecture 'virtex5fx'!"

However, BSB completes, and the design runs without any additional errors.

Should I be concerned about these error messages?


The above error messages are being erroneously reported and can be ignored.

This problem has been fixed in EDK 11.3, available at:

AR# 32788
Date 08/06/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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