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VCS - How do I compile SecureIP libraries with VCS 2008.12?


How do I compile SecureIP libraries with VCS? When I try to compile SecureIP libraries, the following VCS message appears:

vcs gtp_dual_fast.vp -l vcs.log

Error-[LCA_FEATURES_NEED_OPTION] Invalid usage

Limited Customer Availability feature is used.

The 'IEEE encryption' flow requires a special option.

You can enable it by adding '-lca' to the command line.


This error message has only been seen with VCS 2008.12. You can work around it by adding '-lca' to the vcs command line:

vcs -lca gtp_dual_fast.vp -l vcs.log

This problem was not present in the VCS 2008.09 version of VCS and the following command would compile the SecureIP models:

vcs gtp_dual_fast.vp -l vcs.log

This issue is fixed by Synopsys in VCS2009.06.

This issue is also seen in VCS 2009.12. Please use the above workaround.

AR# 32820
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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