AR# 32831


11.2 iMPACT - iMPACT reports wrong device position number when checksum operation is performed on attached BPI flash


When I attempt to program the attached BPI flash, the position number reported by iMPACT is incorrect when the checksum operation is performed. However, the position number is correct when other operations are performed. Following is the sample message reported by iMPACT:

" INFO:iMPACT:2492 - '5': Completed downloading core to device.

INFO:iMPACT - '5': Checking done pin....done.

'5': Core downloaded successfully.

'5': All Checksum calculations are performed on the address range spanned by the configuration file.

'5': Readback BPI device...

'0': Device checksum is 00063b874

'5': Readback completed successfully."


This issue can be ignored and is scheduled to be fixed in iMPACT 11.3.

AR# 32831
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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