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iMPACT - "INFO:iMPACT - Failed to initialize MDM interface" when running BPI Indirect Programming


The following error occurred when I programmed BPI FLASH attached with XC5VLX85 in indirect mode:

"INFO:iMPACT - Error Creating MDM Uart Module
INFO:iMPACT - Failed to initialize MDM interface
'1': BPI access core not detected. BPI access core will be downloaded to the device to enable operations"

For more iMPACT Error Articles and other Configuration Related Articles, see (Xilinx Answer 34104).


All Devices

When programming the BPI or NOR or Platform XL Flash device through an indirect programming method, the IMPACT software first, it downloads the BPI access core and then the device will be enable for the further operations such as ERASE, PROGRAMMING and VERIFY etc.

The first operation that the FPGA does for the BPI/NOR/Platform XL Flash that is, it queries the external flash common flash interface (CFI) i.e., it tests whether the FPGA hardware is correctly interfacing with the FLASH or not, and if it successfully obtains the CFI data, then it proceeds further for the Flash device operation (i.e., ERASE, PROGRAMMING and VERIFY, etc.) through the FPGA device via the iMPACT software.

If the Flash device programming signals are not connected according to the BPI/NOR configuration interface, then it fails with this message in iMPACT software. Please check the target board signal integrity with respect to BPI, NOR, or platform XL Flash datasheet or FPGA configuration.

The Cable Speed might also be running too fast for the reference design functioning on the BPI device. Slowing the cable frequency down to 3 MHz or slower might resolve the issue.

Virtex-5 XC5VLX85

There is a known issue on a Virtex-5 XC5vlx85 FPGA with ISE 10.1 and 11.1 that also causes this error. It has been fixed in 11.3. If you need a work-around for this, please contact Xilinx Technical Support:

AR# 32938
Date 03/02/2010
Status Active
Type Error Message
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