AR# 32941


11.1 EDK - PPC405, OCM, ISCNTL, and DSCNTL are not set correctly when the clock ratio is 2:1


When I create a BSB project for the PowerPC 405 with the PLB at 200 MHz and OCM at 100 MHz, the OCM does not work properly.


The C_ISCNTLVALUE and C_DSCNTLVALUE parameters are not set up properly in the BSB project. They are set as 0xa1. They should be set to 0xa3 when the clock ratio is 2:1.

For a detailed explanation of the ISCNTL and DSCNTL register bits, refer to "PowerPC 405 Processor Block Reference Guide" -> PowerPC 405 OCM Controller -> Programmer's Model.

AR# 32941
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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