AR# 32961


11 - Constraints Editor - Crashes when a TIMESPEC has an undefined group


When I try to launch Constraints Editor it crashes and gives me the following error message in the console: 


ERROR:TSDatabase:19 - Processing TIMESPEC definition "your_constraint" from UCF file: No TNM, TPSYNC or user group named "group_name" is defined. 


How can I prevent Constraints Editor from crashing?


Constraints Editor needs to find the appropriate group for the TIMESPEC. There are two ways to prevent Constraints Editor from crashing: 


1.) Create your groups in the UCF and this will prevent Constraints Editor from crashing.  

2.) You can also comment out the TIMESPEC in the UCF so that Constraints Editor doesn't crash.

AR# 32961
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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