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AR# 33008

11.1 EDK - The BSP with the UartNS550 for MontaVista 5.0.24 kernel fails to boot


I am building a kernel through the MontaVista tool suite for my development board, but the kernel fails to boot with no message on the console. The BSP does contain a UartNS550 peripheral that uses the xps_uart16550_v2_00_b or greater.

What could be the problem?


The BSP generated for MontaVista 5.0.24 Linux with EDK 11.1 tools does not work because of compatibility issues with the xps_uart16550_v2_00_b and newer cores.

This issue can be resolved by applying the attached patch to the MontaVista 5.0.24 Linux. Follow the steps below to apply the patch:

  1. Go to the Monta Vista 5.0.24 Linux ML507/Ml405 LSP source directory:
    cd mvl_lsp_xilinx-ml507-ppc_440/xilinx-ml507-ppc_440/linux-2.6.24_pro5024 (or)
    cd mvl_lsp_xilinx-ml403-ppc_405/xilinx-ml403-ppc_405/linux-2.6.24_pro5024
  2. Download the ZIP file containing the patch (edk_mvl5.patch) to the Linux LSP source directory:
  3. Apply the patch:
    patch -p1 < edk_mvl5.patch

This makes the drivers in the MontaVista 5.0.24 Linux compatible with the new cores in EDK 11.1. This patch also works for the 10.1 release of Xilinx design tools. Re-compile the Linux source and boot the kernel on the target.

The patch in this Answer Record also includes the patch found in (Xilinx Answer 32623).

NOTE: An updated patch has been uploaded on March 31, 2010.

AR# 33008
Date 03/30/2010
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