AR# 33022


Licensing - Where can I obtain the license server utilities needed for floating or server licenses?


The license server utilities are installed in the directory $XILINX_Vivado\bin\unwrapped\<os_dir> as part of the Vivado software installation.

However, I would like to enable the Xilinx license(s) on a server that does not (or in the case of Solaris OS, cannot) have Vivado Design Suite installed.

Where can I obtain the license server utilities?


The License Server Utilities (lmgrd, lmutil, xlicsrvrmgr and xilinxd) can be downloaded from the Xilinx Product Downloads website.
1.   Go to the Xilinx Product Download website.
2.   For the latest server tools, select the Vivado Design Tools Tab and the latest version Vivado.

3.   Click on the Download arrow next to the desired Linux or Windows platform under "License Management Tools".
AR# 33022
Date 10/03/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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