AR# 33046


Virtex-6 Integrated Block Wrapper v1.2 for PCI Express - In x8 Gen 2 Mode, TLP May be Dropped on Transmit Interface when Buffers are Full


Known Issue: v1.2 
When operating in x8 Gen 2 Mode, a TLP maybe dropped on the transmit interface if the user attempts to transmit a TLP when the internal buffers are full.


This issue is fixed in the v1.2.1 patch. This patch is available from (Xilinx Answer 32742) 
For other Virtex-6 Integrated Block Wrapper v1.2 and v1.2.1 for PCI Express Known Issues and Release Notes, see (Xilinx Answer 32742)
Revision History 
06/25/2009 - Initial Release
AR# 33046
Date 08/26/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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