AR# 33056

11.2 XilinxUpdate - DSPTools Single File Download tries to access the Internet


I downloaded the DSPTool XilinxUpdate Single File Download from When I double-click on the executable, it launches a Window that states that it needs to connect to the internet. How do I get the DSPTools to update without connecting to the internet?


When 11.2 was first released, a subset of our downloads were not correctly launching. This problem has since been fixed. If you have a version of XilinxUpdate that does not execute correctly and you do not wish to redownload XilinxUpdate, manually extract the executable and run the updater. To do this, use your favorite unzip tool and extract Xilinx_11.2_dsp_nt.exe. Once extracted, you can double-click on xsetup.exe and this will correctly launch XilinxUpdate and update DSPTools without having to connect to the internet.

AR# 33056
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues