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Licensing - How do I specify the return port for xilinxd daemon?


Due to security, I cannot keep all of the ports open in my license server. Iwant to only open the port (e.g., 2100) specified in the license file SERVER line (e.g., SERVER myserver 8888efef 2100). However, keeping only this port open does not allow the client to checkout the license.

What is the problem?


License server communication requires two ports.

The first port is always specified in the license file on the server and is the port the lmgrd listens to for incoming connections from the client, which is also configured to contact the server on the same port via a local copy of the license file, or the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE or LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable in a server@port notation.

For a firewall configuration, the return port also needs to be specified/fixed so the listener port can be opened on the firewall. To make the listener port specification, specify the port of the vendor daemon line using "port=<#####>" syntax, as in the following example (which specifies to use port 2222 as the listener port):


SERVER my_server DISK_SERIAL_NUM=80ffff96 2100




VENDOR xilinxd Port=2222


# This is a permanent license; it will never expire.

# Embedded_Edition comes from Part Number 0451306

INCREMENT Embedded_Edition xilinxd 2010.06 permanent 1 \


When designating both the listener and return port, you should verify that the desired port is free for use.

NOTE: A floating license does not require both a Daemon and Vendor line. While it is syntactically legal to have both of these lines, this might prevent the designated port from being used.

Example: The following two lines are placed in a license file to specify the daemon name, location, and return port.

DAEMON xilinxd C:\EDA\Licensing\xilinxd

VENDOR xilinxd PORT=2222

The DAEMON line is used to call xilinxd and the port specification from the VENDOR line is ignored.

In this situation, delete or comment out the DAEMON line and add the deamon location to the VENDOR line.

VENDOR xilinxd c:\EDA\Licensing\xilinxd.exe port=2222

AR# 33115
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