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11.2 Licensing - "INFO:Security:56 - Part is not a WebPack part."


When I attempt to implement a design for one of the WebPACK software parts (xa3s1000, xa3s1500, xa3s1400a, xc3s1400an, xa3s1200e, xa3s1600e), an error occurs in MAP that states:

"INFO:Security:56 - Part is not a WebPACK part.
ERROR:Security:9 - No 'ISE' feature was available for part
ERROR:Security:12 - No feature was available (-15).
ERROR:Map:258 - A problem was encountered attempting to get the license for this architecture."

How do I work around this problem?


There is a licensing issue in ISE Design Suite 11.2 WebPACK software where, for the specific devices mentioned above, the license is not checked out correctly.

This issue is resolved in the 11.3 ISE software release.

To work around this issue (prior to the 11.3 ISE Design Suite), perform one of the following:
  • Copy the license text below and paste it into your webpack.lic file.
  • Copy the license text below and save it as a separate license file (e.g., webpack_adds.lic) in the .Xilinx directory.

The default location for a webpack.lic license is %HOMEDRIVE%/.Xilinx for Windows, or $HOME/.Xilinx for Linux. You can also place the file in another location and set the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to that location.

## --------------------------------------Start copy below this line---------------------------------------------

INCREMENT WebPACK_Additions xilinxd 2010.07 permanent uncounted \ 3B763B23491F \
VENDOR_STRING=nobody,test,software,permanent,_25929_8419_1244068059 \
HOSTID=ANY ISSUER="Xilinx Inc, davet" START=22-Jul-2009 TS_OK
PACKAGE WebPACK_Additions xilinxd 2010.07 F3BDEB91A617 \
COMPONENTS=" xa3s1000 xa3s1500 xa3s1400a xa3s1200e xa3s1600e xc3s1400an "

## ---------------------------------------End copy-----------------------------------------------------------------

For more information about licensing, see the Xilinx Licensing FAQ page:
AR# 33120
Date 10/27/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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