AR# 3313


XVHDL F1.3: XVHDL caused an invalid page fault in module XVHDL.EXE


KEYWORDS: Metamor, Foundation, illegal operation, invalid page
fault, XVHDL.EXE, VHDL, XVHDL, Synthesizer

URGENCY: Standard

Problem Description:

When synthesizing a VHDL design using the Metamor XVHDL
compiler on Windows 95, you may get the following windows

"This operation has performed illegal operation and will shut down."

When you click on the DETAILS button, it says
"XVHDL caused an invalid page fault in module XVHDL.EXE at ___"


This problem can be caused by having long instance names in
your code. A workaround is to try to reduce the instance names
to less than 7 characters. Additionally, if the instance names
contain special characters including "_", try not using them.
AR# 3313
Date 01/02/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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