AR# 33132


11.1i EDK, MPMC v5.02.a - MPMC does not work after changing memory to MT16HTF25664H-667


Keyword: Micron, 2GB, DDR2, hang

I am using a ML501 board with the DDR2 SODIMM that is shipped with the board. The MPMC memory test passes. However, when I change the memory module to a 2 GB memory (MT16HTF25664H-667) and run the memory test again, the processor hangs in the middle of the test. How do I resolve this issue?


This is a problem with the MPMC database for this memory part. Micron's data sheet says this part can run with a CAS latency (CL) = 3 for frequency up to 200 MHz and CL = 4 for frequency up to 266 MHz, but the lowest CL given in the MPMC database is 4.

To correct this, please open the MPMC configurator and change the part to CUSTOM so you can then manually change the CAS_A_FMAX and CAS_A to 200 MHz and 3.

AR# 33132
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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