AR# 33161


11.2 Licensing - "A license was not found for the ISE Feature" when using EDK with a WebPACK license


I have ISE WebPACK software and had purchased an EDK license. I plan to work only on a WebPACK device.

Why am I receiving the following warning?

"A license was not found for the ISE Feature."


In ISE software 11.2 and earlier, EDK was specifically checking for an ISE software license feature.

This issue is fixed in ISE Design Suite 11.3. 

EDK does not check out the ISE software feature; this is an informational warning. 

If you plan to target a WebPACK device and have confirmed that you have enabled WebPACK to run, you can safely ignore this warning.

AR# 33161
Date 04/28/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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