AR# 33271


11 EDK - "WARNING:EDK:797 - Cmd failed: \cygdrive\c\tools\Modeltech_6.4b\win32\vsim -version"


When I set the simulator path, the Cygwin mounted drive is used instead of the normal Windows drive which results in the following warning message: 


"WARNING:EDK:797 - Cmd failed: \cygdrive\c\tools\Modeltech_6.4b\win32\vsim -version" 


For example, while in XPS, if I select the Default button in Preferences -> Simulation, the following path is used:  

\cygdrive\c\modelsimdir\vsim instead of C:\modelsimdir\vsim


To correct this problem: 

1. Select Edit > Preferences. 

2. Under the Simulation Category, modify the Simulator path as follows: 






This issue has been fixed in EDK 11.4, available at:

AR# 33271
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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