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AR# 33315

Project Navigator - What is the "WebTalk Send Process" following "Generate Programming File"?


By default, a "WebTalk Send Process" dialog box pops up after "Generate Programming File" is performed in Project Navigator.

What does this process do?

What information is collected?

Can I disable this process?


The WebTalk collection process gathers high level statistics about a design that allows Xilinx to determine to some extent how the Xilinx FPGA and CPLD devices are being utilized.  

WebTalk does not collect or transfer any data that contains proprietary design information, such as design files, hierarchy, or netlist files. 

Examples of information collected are:  

  • High level project statistics, such as project device and source type (Verilog, VHDL, etc.) 
  • PLD component utilization (number of bufg, number of LUTs, number of slices, etc.) 
  • Xilinx IP core usage 
  • Project options used 
  • ISE software help files used 

To see the exact information that is gathered, select the Details button on the WebTalk Send Progress pop-up dialog box. This brings up a window with a detailed description of what the WebTalk process does and all of the information that is sent to Xilinx. 

To change the WebTalk settings, in Project Navigator, go to Edit -> Preferences -> WebTalk. 

On the Preferences - WebTalk page, you can perform the following: 

  • Enable or disable the collection of Device Usage Statistics. 
  • Enable or disable the showing of the WebTalk Send Progress dialog box during send. 
  • Select the method to send WebTalk (Secure Socket Layer over HTTP (HTTPS)) or selected e-mail tool.

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AR# 33315
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