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13.x Licensing - Why am I seeing warning messages while a full valid license is checked out?


I have two floating licenses with different version limits (v2009.06 and v2010.04).

The log file shows that the v2010.04 license is in use, but messages similar to the following are still printed in the PAR report:

WARNING:Security:43 - No license file was found in the standard Xilinx license directory.
WARNING:Security:44 - No license file was found.
Please run the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (xlcm or "Manage Xilinx Licenses") to assist in obtaining a license.
WARNING:Security:42 - Your license support version '2009.06' for ISE expires in -49 days.


These messages are valid but can be misleading.  

In ISE Design Suite 14.1, the messages have been altered somewhat to attempt to explain which location or search path the license is not found in.

You can safely ignore the messages as the tool's function is not affected.  

If a license problem causes a tool not to run, an error message will be issued.

For an explanation of "WARNING:Security:42," see (Xilinx Answer 33074).

For information on the licensing search order, see (Xilinx Answer 42507).

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